Why RadicFull and why another blog?

Way back in time there was a little girl. Visions of walking down the isle in a beautiful, white flowing gown staring longingly into her prince’s eyes and dreaming of their bright future together was not what floated around her mind. She didn’t think of the vast amount of little blonde and blue eyed babes that called her mama. This young girl yearned to be a writer.

Years later, life happens and often as happens, that young girl’s dreams got placed on the back burner and she finds herself in the throes of the mama life. She makes a few slight attempts at blogging and getting her thoughts and encouragement out there. She tries to find her voice in this bustling world but again life happens. Back on the burner they go. This continues for a while and then one day she realizes those little eyes that watch her every day could be the eyes of a young mother who is struggling to figure it all out. Those little eyes could stumble upon the musings of their mama years ago. And maybe, just maybe that, now young, toddler can see the intense love and desire to raise little amazing people her mama possessed. That young babe could watch her mother as she finds her voice and niche in this world even in piles of dirty laundry, diapers, dishes and mountains of laughs. Her mama embraced life and decided to jump when she wanted to run.

I pray that my voice can be one of encouragement and empathy for all the other mamas reading this out there. And, my now heart’s desire, my sons’ wives and my daughters can look back and see that their mama didn’t always do it right but she did it with the love of Christ and the love of her family in the forefront of every choice. One day maybe they can read my blog and gleam wisdom and encouragement from the time where the mundane days seem to never cease.

Now why RadicFull? My husband, Andy, and I decided a long time ago we wanted to live radically. We wanted to live life to the fullest. We want our family to live a radical life and with that have a life that is full to overflowing. We want them to have a RadicFull life.

Please friend. Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat. Let’s begin this journey together. Let’s build a bridge between all mamas. Let’s navigate these waters together. Hand and hand.


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