Saturday Stirrings


How do you feed them all?

That is the question I hear most often.

Now it’s funny to me because I don’t know how NOT to feed them all. I’ve done it so long that it has become almost automatic.

So how do you NOT cook for a whole herd of people? 🙂

Beginning next week, on Saturdays, I will be sharing all things dealing with large family food. There will be recipes, freezer cooking ideas and plans, recaps of what has been on our dinner plates the past week and more. You’ll never know what’s going to show up but you can be sure it has to do with food.

Eventually, I would love to begin a link-up so that if you blog and love food, you can share as well!

I hold food in a very high regard. One of the things I see as I read through the Bible is, a majority of the time, Jesus ate and nourished the stomach before He began to nourish the soul. It is my prayer that as I feed my family or have friends over for brunch I can nourish their bodies and then their spirit is nourished as well.

Does food hold a special place in your heart?


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