A Day That Began With Big Aspirations

This is a raw real look into our crazy Monday. I woke with big dreams and aspirations for the day. As per normal it took a crazy turn and it’s finally, almost … Almost… Thank you, Jesus … it’s almost bedtime.

It was a joyous morning. We all woke up. I cut up cheese and strawberries. We ate yogurt, fruits and cheese for breakfast. The kids were ecstatic. Me? Not so much. I despise fruit. Yeah. I’m weird but the texture of fruit makes me want to just… I don’t even know. Blech!

Then on to the ONLY thing which went as planned today.

The kids put on work clothes and we weeded and mulched our front gardens.


As we were mulching, we saw our neighbor’s trash. It was super exciting stuff so I embarrassed my oldest son and made him go dig and pick out what I wanted. It was so exciting to get a new hose house! (Dylan says I shouldn’t call it that. It makes the hose sound bad. !! Haha !!)



I was trying to be on the ball and made my carry in item for my MOPs meeting tomorrow. It of course went askew. I eventually made it work!


We had a friend, who is in construction, over to do some projects. Today’s project was to excavate the sides of the driveway. I cannot seem to pull a mini bus our of our driveway without taking out half the yard.

Our youngest daughter was a handful. Apparently she set her eyes on our friend. It was a trial trying to keep her in the house and backyard. Exhausted and tired of being the horrible mother who continued to keep her away from her one true love “cute boy”, I told everyone to load into the van. We were going to McDonalds for lunch.

I stopped to talk to Ellie’s heart throb about the work. After talking for a bit, I told him we would help put the dirt on the trailer when we got done with lunch.

Off we go to McDonald’s. We have been on a “gazelle intense” debt pay off plan and I was working through my mind on how to save some $$ on lunch. Since today was not working out at home, today was the day to try the McD’s app and purchase the food outside. Sounded right on target. (We often get offended “friends” behind out when we order. Krish calls them the impatient friends.)

Now I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not … After about 25 minutes of sitting in order spot, the manager comes out and asks if she can help me. (I’m just a tad embarrassed. Haha.) Ten minutes later, she was frazzled and entered the wrong payment method. Exasperated she writes down the order and goes inside. Another 25 minutes passed and she comes out, hands me the food and tells me no charge. Um… What?! My herd is not a group that gets free food often. Woot! However, we were at McD’s for over an hour! Eek.

After lunch we excitedly march outside eager to help clean up the dirt. Let me tell you … that dirt was sooooo heavy! But we conquered and persevered. We put that dirt in it’s place. We that dirt who was boss and then came in a showered.monday3

Sitting in the front room, we saw our friend pull up and look dumbfounded, staring at the dirt trailer. It hits me. We conquered the big, bad dirt into the wrong trailer. I am not even playing with you. We put all the dirt into the wrong trailer. All that dirt. Wowza. Then I did what any mature woman would do. I called and told my husband and made him take care of it. Here are some photos of Andy’s face as I told him. Enjoy.


Dylan and I went out to help him. (Dylan more than me.) We then came in and showered again. I was TOAST. So tired. I asked the kids to have some quiet time. Dylan occasionally came in and asked some random questions, “Mom, what’s PMS?”. I just thought he’d been reading his puberty book again and didn’t think much of it.

Prepping dinner, Andy comes in. Do you know about the book Dylan’s been reading? Have you read it? Um. Nope. I sure hadn’t.

He then proceeds to tell me about the heroin addict that is exploring his sexuality in the book. Um… What?! Who gave him that book?

monday 10

We then have a discussion on what a lot of words and situations mean. (They talked about him going to a party and doing heroin. We had to explain to Dylan that they weren’t talking about heroes at the tea party. Hello…. Homeschooled child!)

What makes a day turn out a little better? After dinner, we had a family “rap off”. Lincoln won!


Now, thank you, Sweet Jesus, it’s almost bed time!

I hope you enjoyed a look into a crazy Davis day! ❤


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