Once Upon a Time …

…. there was a young girl who felt unlovable.

… She had turned her back on her faith and made very poor choices.

… She found herself pregnant and alone.

… She thought she was nothing but damaged goods.

… She found when one hits rock bottom, the only way to look is up. That is when she found Jesus again. She once again had a glimmer of hope.

… She, alone and scared, decided to try to trust in a God she couldn’t see but could feel.

… She felt things keep slipping away and falling apart.

… She knew God cared but somehow felt that she could never again be loved by another.

… She experienced the true grace of Jesus and slowly began to trust Him more.

… She decided to allow herself to put her whole heart and hope into Jesus.

… She didn’t understand His plan.

But then …

… She met a man.

… He taught her how to love.

… He taught her how to trust.

…. He taught her that life is worth living.

… He taught her that she could trust a man to be the father to her son.

… He taught her that she was worth taking a chance on.

… He married her.

… He taught her to hold on and have faith even when things felt like they were spiraling.

… He walked beside her through health scares.

… He walked beside her through the births of children.

…. He listened to her cry and took the blows when she was angry.

… He prayed and listened when she said she felt their family wasn’t complete.

… He then took the lead in adopting their beautiful daughter.

… He showed her what a true life companion was.

… He continues to show her daily how to love full on and to live full out.

… He is going to stand beside her this coming Sunday as the dedicate their sixth child to the Lord, as they celebrate their anniversary.

… He is her missing piece.

… He is her heartbeat.

… He is her one true love.

I have a love story like no other. I have a God who showed me ultimate love and forgiveness. I have a husband that has loved me when I couldn’t even love myself. I am forever grateful that God brought Andy into my life.

Happy anniversary, my love and puzzle piece.




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